Benedict Arnold

By Jeannette Holland Austin

Benedict Arnold
The first Arnold to America was William Arnold, the founder of Rhode Island along with Roger Williams. His son, the first Benedict, was the longest-serving governor of that colony. He had a drinking issue and his wife, Hannah, was determined to raise little Benedict not to drink so took him to church every Sunday. Benedict Arnold (1741-1801) became a successful field and naval commander but was passed over by Congress for a promotion. He was denied pay and lost his personal fortune. After he was wounded the second time and ignored, he was in Philadelphia as military Governor and had to deal with Congress on a daily basis. During the process he lost respect for the men who served as congressmen, thinking that they did not have the stuffing to win the revolution. Benedict was married to Peggy Shippen who played a big hand in persuading him that the Americans could not win. Later, the Queen of England gave her a pension for services rendered, which pretty well established Peggy as a spy. As Benedict escaped into Canada to avoid being hanged, here are some places to do research: New Brunswick Museum (loyalist museum in St. John); William Clements Library at University of Michigan.

How to Trace Your Family, may be distributed, copied, etc. BAILEY. Hey there. I'd like to find the childhood homeplace of my maternal grandmother and that of her mother. Both were of Screven County and the small town of Cooperville is named for my grandmother's mother's family. I don't know how it came to be named for them, and I'd like to know that too. My grandmother was Sarah Ellizabeth Bailey. I am able to find census records in Savannah. I have also seen entries for Laura Cooper and, later, Laura Cooper Bailey of Screven Co. This was her mother. On the Georgia pioneers site I see refernece to wills made by Coopers of Screven Co., and I suppose these must be ancestors, but I'm not sure. My paternal grandfather's family is much easier to track: Brick church at Millhaven and Midway Church in Liberty Co. They were Lines. brown_helen

DEADIMMA HENDLEY HARRIS. Looking for info on this woman, she came to GA from VA in 1777 or thereabouts. She had one son Hendley Harriss/Harris any info appreciated. E-mail me

GUTHRIE. William Guthrie came into Coweta Co. GA about 182?, probably with sons William J. and James Martin Guthrie (probably other family members). In 1828, son William J. married Hannah Weaver, a widow from Wilkes Co. GA in Coweta Co. Hannah, whose maiden name was Snyder, apparently originated in Edgefield Co. SC, where William J. was born. When she married William J., she brought two sons, John and William Weaver with her to Coweta Co. Can anyone provide information about William and his ancestors? Richard and Kay Guthrie []

RIVERS. I got your e-mail address via your blog. I am researching two families in Georgia. I have been trying to find a wills or any documents on them. Any advice or help you could give me would be most appreciated. If you have the time to read the specifics of my research please continue reading below: Though I have been researching my African American family since 1980, I have not been able to find direct reference to my Georgian ancestors prior to the 1870 US census. On an unrelated note, I have had luck on several of my ancestors in the North Carolina region where I've discovered their slave owners and documents that mention them. Yet my RIVERS family in Wilkinson county, Georgia has not gone beyond my suspicion the Joel RIVERS as the possible slave owner. I can not find a Will or any documents from him. The other Georgian ancestor was still listed in the household of the possible widow of the slave owner. The very possible slave owner was Samuel BROWN born 1792 in North Carolina and died May 1863 in Wilcox county, Georgia. Samuel BROWN's wife was name Honor MILLER born 1804 and died Apr 6, 1878 in Wilcox county, Georgia. My GGG Grandfather Abner BROWN and his wife and two children was still living in Honor BROWN's household in Wilcox county, Georgia during the 1870 US census. Thank you for having read my research. Any thoughts, resources and or help will be Greatly Appreciated!
Allen McClain

Reply from Jeannette Austin: I have added your information to the Pioneer Newsletter which is distributed about once a week to over 6,000 subscribers. Also, put you on the email list (free). Perhaps someone can help you. You might try Laurens County as I have found that a number of Wilkinson County people recorded deeds, estates, etc. there. I would search Wilcox, Wilkinson, Laurens Counties: deeds, estates, inventories, etc., everything that county has. Good luck!

DOZIER. Hello, Doing a little research and wanted to know if you had any information on a Dozier Thornton. My father (William F. Thornton) who died a few years ago in his 80's use to talk about his grandfather who had one leg (perhaps diabetes). . . Dozier Thornton. The only thing that he remembered was that the family lived in Stewart County Georgia. Dozier Thornton was a slave who later became free and purchased a large sum of land. Dozier had a brother named John whom he lost contact with. My father's mother's name was Gussie and her mother's name was Ollie. Ollie had siblings named Rosie, John, Mattie, Josie, etc. I know that Josephine was the youngest or my daddy use to say they called her Dozier's baby girl. I think Dozier's wife's name was Heidi or something. If you have any info. I would appreciate it if not thanks for taking time out. Marjorie Thornton Bostic, MPH , Health Planning Specialist, Oklahoma State Department of Health, Health Resources Development Service, 1000 NE 10th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73117, Office: 405-271-6868 Fax: 405-271-7360

Reply from Jeannette Austin: See The History of Stewart Countyby Terrell. There are some Thorntons in those 2 volumes.

HOLLAND. My brickwall is William M. Holland b. 4-4-1826 d. 7-2-1885....He was born in S.C. and died in Ark/Texas, right on the border. He married Mary Chappelear b. 12-18-1830 in Ga. Died 4-14-1887.. They had 11 children...4 boys, 7 girls. One of their sons was Thomas Jefferson Holland born 1857 in Ga. and died 1937 in Texas. I have Mary Chappelears family traced way back. But nother on William..all I know about him is that his father was from Virginia and his mom was from S.C. Thanks for anything. Jimmy Holland, Atlanta, Texas. Email:

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