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George Washington's Ferry Farm

Ferry Farm Ferry Farm The Ferry Farm of the Washington family was operated until about 1738 when they removed to Stafford County. It was called Ferry Farm because people crossed the Rappahannock River on a ferry from the Fredericksburg farm.

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Collins Spotswood Waller

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Captain Joseph Collins

Captain Joseph Collins, Gentleman, was commissioned to serve as a Lieutenant of a Troop of Horse under Captain Joseph Hawkins in the Colonial Militia of Spotsylvania County. He gave his Oath of Allegiance on November 6, 1750.

A Cottage in Time

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Map of Spotsylvania County Virginia

Spotsylvania County Genealogy, Wills, Indentures, Bonds

Walnut Grove Plantation

Spotsylvania County was named for Alexander Spotswood, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia from 1710 to 1722. It was formed from Essex, King and Queen and King William counties in 1720.

Indexes to Probate Records
  • Wills, Indentures, Bonds 1722 to 1749
  • Wills, Indentures, Bonds 1722 to 1749 (second index)
  • Wills, Indentures, Bonds 1749 to 1760
Images of Wills 1722 to 1749
  • Allen, Thomas
  • Blake, John
  • Ellis, Robert
  • Goodloe, Henry
  • Grayson, Ambrose
  • Hollady, John
  • Leavil, Edward
  • Martin, John
  • Morris, Thomas
  • Samuel, Anthony
  • Taylor, James
Images of Wills 1749 to 1760
  • Allan, John
  • Allen, Elizabeth
  • Barnes, Thomas
  • Battaley, Mary
  • Bullard, Ambrose
  • Carr, William
  • Carter, Joseph
  • Chew, John
  • Childs, Richard
  • Collins, Joseph
  • Collins, Thomas
  • Fox, John
  • Garton, Uriah
  • Gilbert, John
  • Goodloe, Elizabeth
  • Gordon, John
  • Hawkins, Nicholas
  • Herndon, Edward
  • Hunter, William
  • Lynn, William
  • Mathis, Benjamin
  • Matthews, William
  • Minor, John
  • Minor, William
  • Moor, Robert
  • Musick, George
  • Pollard, Ame
  • Procter, William
  • Pulliam, Thomas
  • Rawlins, James
  • Reeves, George
  • Shepard, George
  • Spotswood, John
  • Stubblefield, George
  • Taliaferro, Francis
  • Thomas, Owen
  • Thornton, Francis
  • Waller, Dorothy
  • Waller, John
  • Waller, William
  • Warren, Elizabeth
  • Warren, Thomas
  • White, Agnes

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