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Note: When researching Princess Anne County for ancestors, Norfolk County should also be examined as the names between the two counties were frequently inter-changed with relatives. When Admiral Christopher Newport and the colonists of the Virginia Company arrived in 1607, George Percy and his fellow Englishmen's first landing was at Cape Henry. They named the spot in honor of Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales, the eldest son of King James I of England. It was this spot which later became Princess Anne County. A well-known planter was Adam Thoroughgood who settling along the Lynnhaven River. In 1634, the King of England directed the formation of eight shires (or counties) in the colony of Virginia. One of these was Elizabeth City Shire, which included land area on both sides of Hampton Roads. New Norfolk County was formed in 1636 from Elizabeth City Shire. New Norfolk County included all the area in South Hampton Roads now incorporated in the five independent cities located there in modern times. In 1637 this tract was divided into Upper Norfolk County and Lower Norfolk County. In 1691, Lower Norfolk County was in turn subdivided to form Norfolk County and Princess Anne County, which contained the area of Lynnhaven Parish. Princess Anne County was named for the heir to the English throne, who later became Queen Anne.

The following allowances were made in the levy of Princess Anne County for 1696 for the construction of a court-house. A new jail was erected at the same time, and to some extend the outlay for the two is given together in the entry quoted: "To Timbner for the frame of court house and prison, 1000 lbs. Tobo.; Digging Post holes for the court house, 30 lbs. Tobo.; 2850 Boards for outside work, 1425 lbs. Tobo; Bringing above down, boating them; To Joseph Godacres loading and carting them, 500 lbs. Tobo.; Taking down the table, benches and bar at old Court house, bringing here and setting up, 100 lbs. Tobo.; Taking up plank at old Court house, boat and hands bringing it to Court house and carting, 400 lbs. Tobo; 650 plank of Adam Keeling, 650 lbs. Tobo.; To a boat and hands 2 days fetching 400 feet of it to Godacres' landing; One day carting it thence to Court house, 50 lbs. Tobo; One day carting sleepers to court house, 60 bs. Tobo; 6000 8d. Nails, 480 lbs. Tbo; 1000 10. nails, 100 lbs. Tobo; 1000 4d. nails, 45 lbs. Tobo; 500 20d. nails, 150 lbs. Tobo; 1500 Boards for inside @600 lbs. p. 1000, 900 lbs. Tobo; 2 bbl. of tar and bringing same, 300 lbs. Tobo; carting course house frame, 410 lbs. Tobo; To superintendence, 800 lbs. Tobo." Sources: Princess Anne Order Book 1691-1709, p. 119. Join Virginia Historical Tidbits blog

Princess Anne County Wills, Estates, Marriages available to members of Virginia Pioneers

Images of Wills 1714 to 1724
Testators: Atwood, John; Attwood, John; Atwood, Thomas; Attwood, William; Bray, Robert; Brock, Thomas; Brooks, Job; Burrough, Benjamin; Bush, George;Capps, Richard; Carroway, Edward; Carroway, John; Cason, James; Clause, Sarah; Cock, Christopher; Corbet, Richard; Corprew, Thomas; Crashley, Peter; Dange, James; Danley, John; Davis, Edward; Dennis, Timothy; Droutt, Richard; Edmunds, John; Emperer, Tully; Etherington, Thomas;Ewell, Thomas; Fentriss, Michael; Fitzgerald, Henry; Flaborn, John; Fowler, Frances; Franklin, Thomas; Gornes, Peter; Hancock, Athen; Hancock, George; Hancock, George (2); Harvey, Thomas; Hoath, Ann; Holmes, Samuel; Holmes, William; Hoskins, Richard; Hunter, William; Hutchings, Daniel; Johnson, John; Jones, Evan; Jones, Richard; Jones, Solomon; Kempe, John; Land, Edward; Lilburn, Jane; Louott, Adam; Lovet, Thomas; Marsh, George; Martin, William; McGravy, Owin; Moore, Cason; Moore, Mathias; Morse, Francis; Moseley, Benjamin; Moseley, Edward; Moseley, Margaret; Moy, John; Nickles, Richard; Oliver, Peter; Olliver, Peter; Pallett, John; Plomton, Richard; Poad, William; Pow, Stephen; Purvine, John; Richardson, John; Richmond, John; Road, James; Scott, David Sr.; Shepherd, Samuel; Sicklemore, Samuel; Simmons, John; Smith, Tully; Snaile, Henry Sr.; Soalsy, Ann; Stireling, John; Thorowgood, John; Thorowgood, William; Walke, Thomas; Weblin, John; White, James; Whitehurst, James; Wicker, William; Williamson, Richard; Wills, Elenor; Wishard, James; Woodhouse, Henry; Woodhouse, Horatio; Woodhouse, Horatio (2); Woodhouse, John; Worrington, Clifton
Images of Princess Anne County Wills 1724 to 1735
Testators: Achis, Katherine; Achis, William; Ashley, William;Achis, Adam;Ackis, John;Albritton, Thomas; Barns, Anthony;Berry, Robert;Blake, Arthur;Bonnoy, John; Bonnoy, Richard;Bonnoy, William;Boush, Sarah;Bradshaw, Edward;Bray, Edward;Bray, Olive;Brock, Thomas;Burfoot, Ambros; Cannon, Edward;Cannon, John;Capps, William;Carroway, John; Cartwright, Ann;Clark, James Tanons;Cockroft, John;Collins, Giles;Cooper, Thomas;Cornick, John;Crood, Thomas;Croots, Catran; Cumberfoot, James;Dauloy, Dennis;Dollar, Margaret;Easter, William;Ellegood, William;Fentriss, John;Floyd, Peter;Gisborne, William;Griffin, John;Haynes, James;Hutchings, Sarah;Ivy, Lemuel; Jackson, John;James, John;James, Mary;Jones, Owen;Jones, Susannah;Kingman, Robert;Lamount, Edward;Land, Robert;Loster, William;Mackool, Naomy;Miloud, John;Montgomery, George;Moore, Cason;Moseley, Hillary;Moy, Richard;Murray, John Sr.;Nicholas, William;O'Herson, Joseph;O'Loufer, John;Poole, Esther;Purvine, Lewis;Roberts, Mary;Saunders, John;Scott, David;Scott, Thomas; Simmons, Henry;Smith, Elizabeth;Smith, George;Smith, James; Smyth, George;Spratt, Thomas;Talbot, Isaac;Thelaball, Francis;Thelaball, Lemuel;Thorowgood, Thomas;Thrillwind, Thomas; Tooly, James;Trousthan, Sampson;Walsh, Hester;Whitehurst, Elizabeth;Whitehurst, Henry;Whitehurst, Hugh;Whitehurst, John; Whitehurst, William;Wicker, William;Wishard, Thomas
Images of Guardians of Orphans 1774 to 1777
Names of Orphans: Baxter; Berry; Biddle; Bousch; Broughton; Buskey; Cannon; Carraway; Cornick; Dison; Ethridge; Gashing; Gray; Griggs; Haynes; Hopkins; Hudgins; Hunter; Jacobs; Jones; Keeling; Lamb; Lamount; Land; Leget; Mackey; Morris;Morse;Moseley;Munden;Nimms;Parsons;Salmons;Scott; Shepherd;Shepherd, Smith;Shippe;Simmons; Sparrow; Stone;Taylor;Thorowgood;Turner;Walke;Weblin; Whitehead; Wiles;Williamson;Wishart;Woodhouse
Images of Wills 1779-1780
Names of Testators: Achiss, James (estate); Bonney, Jonathan; Bonney, Nathan; Burke, Samuel; Bushey, Sarah; Coates, Willis; Collins, John; Dawley, William; Henley, John; Hoggard, Harmer; Holmes, William; Hughs, Thomas; Jackson, Jonathan; Johnson, James; Kelly, John; Loftland, Barnabas; Montgomery, James; Moore, James; Moore, Willoughby; Nicholas, Susannah; Pallett, John; Peeding, Nathan; Simmons, Uriah; Stripes, Lewis; Tenant, James; Thorowgood, Robert; Thorowgood, William; Tooley, James; Turner, Thomas; Whitehurst, James
Images of Deeds, Wills, Estates 1780 to 1782
Names: Airs to Dyer;Airs, Francis to John Rany;Benney, Jonathan (estate);Blaw, Capt. Robert (estate);Boult to Boult;Boush, Maximilian;Braithwaite, James;Brown, Willis;Calloway, Alese (estate);Cannon, Edward;Clay, Peter;Collins to Kilgour;Conner, Charles (deed);Cox, George (deed);Cumberfoot, John (deed); Dickson, Amy (estate);Dudley, George;Dudley, George (estate); Dudley, James;Elks, Thomas to Jeremiah Plumer;Harrison, Henry to William West;Hill to Hill;Hill, Morris Sr.;Holmes, Amy; Holmes, Henry;Holmes, Henry (estate);Hopkins, Jonathan;Hunter, Dinah;Hunter, Jacob;Hunter, Jacob (estate);Hunter, Thomas (estate);Jones, Robert;Kempe, James to Thomas Kempe;Kempe to Kempe;Kempe to Harrison;Kenline to Harr;Lawrence to Walke; Laws, Robert;Lovett, Adam to Elizabeth (Lovett);Lovett to Shepherd;Luke, Betty;Malbone, Philip;Matthews to Berry;Matthias, James Sr.;Moore, James;Morris, John (deed);Morris to Whitehead; Newton, Lemuel;Nicholson to Burrows;Oakem, William;Old to Duran; Old, Thomas;Owens, Thomas;Phipp, Matthew (deed);Ramsay, John; Ramsay, John (estate);Seneca, William;Simpson to Wiles; Smith, John Sr.;Tipling, John;Tooley, James;Trotter, John Giles; Trowton, George;Walke, Anthony;Walke to Lawrence;Ward, George; Whitehurst to Whitehurst;Will, Susanna (deed);Williams to Capps; Williamson to Airs;Williamson, Reuben;Williamson, Sally;Wishart, William (bond);Woodhouse, Horatio;Woodhouse to Cavendar; Woodhouse to Lovett;
Images of Wills 1782 to 1793
Names of Testators: Aleph?; Agness, Thomas; Atwood, Edward; Atwood, Solomon; Berry, George; Berry, Mary; Berry, Richard; Brock, Thomas; Broughton, William; Bush, Edward; Campbell, Duncan; Capps, Edward; Clay, Ann; Clay, Peter; Collins, Nathaniel; Collins, Nathaniel (2); Cottel, Sarah; Creed, John Jr.; Dickson, Robert; Dorn, Isaac; Dudley, Henry; Duham, Amy; Elks, Thomas;Ellegood, Peter Norley;Fentriss, Aaron; Gasking, Charles;Gaskins, Henry;Gasking, Job; Gasking, Thomas;Gishborn, Edward;Hamilton, Gavin;Hancock, William; Haynes, Erasmus;Haynes, Thomas; Hill, Morris; Hutchins, Moses; Hunter, Dinah; Jones, Robert;Jones, Sarah;Kelley, William; Kelly, Francis;Kentine, John; Lewis, Thomas;Lovett, Amy; Lovey, Andrew; Luke, Polly;Makepeace, Ebenezer; Malbone, Philip;Matthias, John; Moore, Francis; Mason, James; Moore, James; Moore, John; Moseley, Edward; Moseley, Hillary; Moseley, Tully; Moseley, William; Murden, John; Owens, Thomas;Payne, Thomas;Phillips, Mitchell;Philpot, John;Pritchett, Matthew;Rampe, James; Rumpter, Dinah;Smith, John;Sonica, William;Spann, William; Stripe, Lewis;Tenant, Elizabeth;Thorowgood, Sally; Tipling, John;Trotter, Sarah;Trowton, George;Turner, John; Turner, William;Ward, Arthur;Ward, George; Waterman, Charles;Webb, George;Whitehead, William;Willeroy, John; Williams, John;Woodhouse, Horatio;Woodhouse, Jonathan; Woodhouse, Joseph;Woodhouse, Philip;Woodhouse, William; Wright, Joshua
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