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Did you Find the Genealogy Clues Along the Way?

tobacco Nowadays, scanning census records are basic to all genealogical research. Of course, that was not the case in past days. Genealogists stuggled to locate information in unindexed books (yes, books!) and census records. I performed my census research, page by page, county by county. It was the worst sort of tedium. Details lead us to further clues. When examining census records, it is important to note the State of birth for the parents as well as the children. Later on, the 1880 census reveals how many years the couple were married, how many children were born an the number of surviving children. The places of birth represent the migratory trail and his last known date (of residence) in a specific place. Do these years sound familiar? How do they match up to land grants, land lotteries and Indian removals? If the dates are close to the drawing of land lotteries, search the land lottery books. Were the Alabama and Mississippi births after 1833? If so, they probably took the conventional trail down through Virginia into the Caroliins, to Georgia, then West into Chambers County, Alabama and finally to Mississippi and Texas. Did any of the daughters disappear from one census record to the next? Each step which the parents took has to be examined to establish a chart of the migratory trail. Do not overlook deeds and tax digests. Deeds provide land locations which are needed to search cemeteries in the area while tax digests reveal the location of other parcels of land which may have been land grants or drawn in land lotteries.

During the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, tobacco was the big cash crop in Virginia. But as tobacco wore out the land, people moved on in seach of rich soil.

Map of Louisa County Virginia

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Louisa County, Virginia Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Marriages, Court House Records

Ferncliff, Virginia

Louisa County was created in 1742 from Hanover County, Louisa County and was named for Princes Louise of Great Britain, the youngest daughter of King George II and the wife of King Frederick V of Denmark. Patrick Henry was known to have resided in Louisa County for a short time on Roundabout Creek. Thomas Johnson was a representative of Louisa County in the House of Burgesses. Patrick Henry established himself as an eloquent lawyer and won his first election in 1765 and represented Louisa County.

Louisa County Wills, Estates, Marriages available to members of Virginia Pioneers

  • Marriages 1757 to 1856
Digital Images of Wills 1745 to 1766
  • Belscher, Patrick
  • Buckner, Philip
  • Clark, Christopher
  • Cosby, John
  • Fleming, Robert
  • Harris, Benjamin
  • Johnson, John
  • Kimbro, William
  • Lea, Francis
  • Mackalester, William
  • Meriwether, Francis
  • Moorman, Elizabeth
  • Sumter, William
  • Terrill, Richard
  • Waddy, Samuel
  • Woodall, James
  • Yancy, Archelaus
Digital Images of Wills 1767 to 1783
  • Anderson, David
  • Anderson, Pouncey
  • Arnett, James
  • Barrett, Charles
  • Belscher, Judy
  • Bibb, Benjamin Sr.
  • Bourn, William
  • Bunch, Samuel
  • Byars, John
  • Carr, John
  • Carr, John (2)
  • Carr, Samuel
  • Christmass, John
  • Chiles, John
  • Clark, Francis
  • Clark, Joseph
  • Cory, Edward
  • Cosby, David
  • Davis, John
  • Dickenson, Charles
  • East, Joseph
  • Fernham, Robert
  • Garland, Nathaniel
  • Garrett, William
  • Gooch, William
  • Glynn, Jeremiah
  • Hall, John
  • Hall, John
  • Henderson, Joseph
  • Henson, Richard
  • Hester, Robert
  • Hunter, Andrew
  • Jackson, William
  • Jones, Richard
  • Jones, Richard (2)
  • Jordan, Francis
  • Kingfield, Robert
  • Laurance, Elizabeth
  • Laurance, Henry
  • Lea, Ann
  • Lipscomb, Thomas
  • Lowry, William
  • McCullock, Elizabeth
  • Moore, John
  • Parish, Jolley
  • Paulet, Thomas
  • Pettus, John
  • Poindexter, Christian
  • Smith, Charles
  • Smith, James Jr.
  • Statham, Love
  • Tait, John
  • Tate, James
  • Terrill, Richmond
  • Terry, James
  • Thomason, George
  • Thomson, Thomas
  • Thomson, Wilson
  • Trumyear, William
  • Venable, Abraham
  • Waddy, Mary
  • Wadkins, John
  • Whitlock, Thomas
  • Woodleif, Catherine
  • Wright, Richard
  • Yancey, Robert
  • Sims, William-Last Will and Testament

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